miercuri, 21 mai 2008

Patrick Swayze has pancreatic cancer


His prognosis is not for long-term survival.

Some entertainment sources are quoting Patrick's Stanford University cancer doctors gave him five weeks to live.

The common world is stunned by the news that a movie icon and dancing star has little life left.

Why is there such a great outpouring of emotion and love for a celebrity that few people directly know?

What is in the yearning and the pain that brings people to mourn Patrick Swayze when their neighbors are suffering the same dying fate with a different, but similar, result?

Why are celebrity deaths more important than the decaying nameless? The heartbreak is the same, but somehow the attached fame weakens the intimate and strengthens the familiar - and our society is worse for the wear of that disconnect.

Top 5 greatest Patrick Swayze movies ever

1- Point Break
2- Next of Kin
3- Ghost
4- Roadhouse
5- Red Dawn

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